Cargo Bar Docklands

Newquay Promenade


RISING UP from the waterfront like an oversized aquarium Cargo at Melbourne's New Quay Docklands development is attracting a new kettle of fish, - empty nest apartment dwellers who have bought their slice of the Great Australian dream and are happy to share it with 20,000 others.

Cargo is nouveau riche at its best. No expense has been spared in making the place stand out from the crowd. Cargo delivers an International experience combining world - class Interior design with old- fashioned Melbourne hospitality. The design brief which focused on warming up the cool blues of the 'water and the bright lights of the city, has been executed by International designer Allister Sarris in shades of chocolate and cream suede. And if you can take your eyes off the view for a moment, the jellyfish tank - the largest of its kind outside the Melbourne Aquarium - deserves a look ­in. The slow moving sea creatures are emphasised by florescent backlighting behind the sexy 8 metre long snake like, mosaic bar. Allister Sarris has treated the amenities as some sort of extension of this main bar, and they're a feature in themselves in this design mecca. Futuristic unisex mini bathrooms, each with their own basin are encased with mirrored walls and a see-through door which thanks to modern LCD technology, only becomes opaque when sealed.

Docklands, VIC
Cargo Bar
280 m2

The Challenge

A word from our designer.


I have known Allister Sarris for over 15 years in a number of different capacities; as a client, as a business partner, as a contractor and as a friend. Allister is fast: quick to grasp the problem and very quick to produce cost effective, rational and pragmatic solutions. He is an affable and intelligent character with a wide and deep design vocabulary and a penchant for retail and hospitality. It’s in his blood. I have no hesitation in recommending his services to others. I am certainly a satisfied client.

Alistair Kennedy – HONG KONG (Founding partner – Now Look Hear)